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My name is Constantin, also known as The Inked Coach. With over 15 years of experience in the areas of fitness and health, I have been working independently as a successful personal trainer since 2015.

I have established myself in the industry as an advertising face for personal training at Europe’s largest fitness chain and an expert for the LOOX online magazine, as well as various television appearances. I keep myself informed about new findings and methods in the health and fitness area in order to be up to date so I can perform with quality towards my customers.

Everyone is different therefore, we hold different body types, different genes and different nutrition styles but we often have a common goal And this is exactly my expertise. To provide you with the right tools and guidance towards your ultimate goal.

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In your nutritional consultation, I will analyze your eating behavior and work together to find the best way to achieve your desired weight without having to give up your favorite dishes and a compulsory nutrition plan.


Here you will learn how to train properly and you will be shown new methods from the functional and strength sports area that will take you to a new level! In addition, you will learn the technique training and get an individual training plan that is tailored to your requirements and needs in order to achieve your goal of building muscle and more stability in your posture.


With the latest technology, I treat your pain points and make you symptom-free again.

Whether neck or back tension, this treatment is noticeable in the first session.

Our customers naturally enjoy this service after their training, including.

Fit and Vital

A good combination of intensive functional training and strength training will get your cardiovascular system going again and make you fit and resilient, both privately and at work!

Health coaching for companies

I have developed a concept that can help you reduce costs and unnecessary stress by sustainably promoting the health of your employees. Your team of employees will be strengthened, less likely to fall ill and your company will be available more and more effectively. Absenteeism due to illness can be reduced, work activities can be made more efficient and the quality of your company increased. This happens regardless of location and without much time.
All we need is a working computer at work and an internet connection through which we create a virtual connection..

The 12 week program for entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur and self-employed person knows the problem: good food at events and meetings, no time to cook, no energy for the gym and a lot of stress.

I have specialized in entrepreneurs and the self-employed and have developed a program that will help you to reach your desired weight within 12 weeks without spending a lot of time and without having to eat your favorite foods.

Why us


I’ve been training with Constantin for a year now. What excites me the most: He manages to find the exact point every hour that I am challenged to the maximum, but never overwhelmed. For me this is one of the most important qualities that a personal trainer has to have. I really enjoy training with Constantin. He always thinks up new things and sometimes knows me better than I know myself 😉 The best personal trainer I can imagine !!

Julia Q.

I couldn’t have imagined a better coach. I wanted a reliable, experienced, determined, strict, motivated and motivating trainer. I got it. Constantin takes you where you want to go. With fun, professionalism and discipline. Whether it is a whole body workout, technique training or a MedGun muscle care unit. He has an extraordinarily good knowledge of human nature and can adapt to the client’s current state of health at lightning speed …

Jessika K.

Main training goal: building muscle

What can I say…

Since I chose the PT with Constantin, I have been able to work really effectively on my goals. With my very high demands on myself, I feel in good hands with him and taken seriously at all times.

The training sessions with Constantin are always intensive, but above all individual and motivating. You also benefit from your many years of experience in training plan design.

My new series PT will start next week.

I hope to reach the next level soon to get a bit closer to my goal.

Giving up is out of the question for me. I will train until I have made it and stand where I see myself!

If you are looking for a trainer who demands the maximum to achieve maximum results and who fulfills the above requirements, you should choose Constantin!

Stephan Julian K. (physiotherapist)

Stephan Julian K.

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